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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Oh the mistakes I have made, how they invade, reverberating in my head, intruding on me in my bed. They haunt my reality and distort actuality until my mirror shows my poisoned self instead. Retribution for rebellion, lost to me a daughter and son, the price I paid when the devil won. But, alas, I let him in, while I was bathing in my sin. Let us go back to where it begins. Betraying myself for liquor and lust, the consequences were never discussed. Burning bridges back to sanity, inflicting liability, I paved the road, betrayed my own trust, despite my own forebode of leaving ashes in my dust. The cross I bear is product of my lack of care, the burden is mine to wear for all the world to see. The creator of my demise is me.

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